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Rhul Timetable 2022/2023

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Rhul Timetable

Rhul Timetable For Teaching Schedules for the Spring and Summer Terms of the Academic Year Students who will begin their studies in January 2022/23.

The 5th of January 2023 will mark the beginning of the process through which your academic schedule will be filled. If you need to make choices about these things when you come, then there may be seminars or even full modules that need to be added to your calendar. Because of this, your schedule may not be complete. Please be sure to check your schedule often. Please speak with a member of the School Helpdesk if you have any questions about your schedule.

Rhul Timetable

Information for other students: If you have selected your choices in accordance with the instructions provided by your School, your core schedules should be complete, however, they may still be waiting for certain seminar groups. It is expected that they will be available before Christmas.

All students

In the event that your schedule has any conflicts, check to ensure that you have already contacted the School Helpdesk to go through your available alternatives.

Please make sure that you have enrolled for the module in question if you have not completed any of the associated tasks. To verify whether you have registered for your modules:

  • Log into Campus Connect
  • Go to the “My Studies” tab
  • Click on “My Study Information”
  • Under the heading “Registration” click on “Active Registrations”

Please contact your school’s helpdesk as soon as you can if you haven’t been enrolled for a module.

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Rhul Web Timetables 2022/2023

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