Home News I Falsely Dragged You Because I Was Depressed – Soulaim Apologizes to Kashmoney

I Falsely Dragged You Because I Was Depressed – Soulaim Apologizes to Kashmoney

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SoulAim Apologizes to Kashmoney the force

This morning, SoulAim rendered a public apology for dragging his former label boss KashMoney on social media. He said that there had been a misunderstanding and that things are now back to normal between him and Kash.

People don’t often make a variety of accusations and then apologize all of a sudden, which is why we sought out to several of our sources in order to get a better understanding of what really occurred.

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From what we gathered, SoulAim had planned a secret meeting with his former boss, but KashMoney and two police officers had gone to arrest him before the meeting could take place.

In a voice note obtained by RamblerCN, Kashmoney explained that the police officers were going to take him to the State CID, but SoulAim, who attended the meeting with his friend, pleaded with the officers not to do so. SoulAim told the officers that he was in a bad place and was dealing with depression when he came online to drag Kashmoney. After a series of pleas, he decided to let him go and requested that Soulaim renders a public apology.

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Listen to the voice note;

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