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Gthree Mayami Under Fire For Acussing SoulAim of Using A Fake Account to Troll KashMoney

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Remember we reported that Gthree Mayami posted a series of degrading comments on a post shared by TKC on Facebook describing SoulAim as a childish and visionless fellow. In one of his comments, he accused  SoulAim of using a fake account to troll his former employer, Kashmoney.

However, SoulAim has given the public a clue that he is considering filing a lawsuit for defamation of name and character against TKC Afrik, Shino Blark, and Gthree Mayami.

He wrote;

Let it be known that I’ve been accused falsely and my character assassinated by Tkc Afrik & one Shino Blarke to be the one behind one Jennifer Alex account on Facebook.
Everyone knows me to be loud when it comes to fighting for myself. So why should I hide behind another account to fight. Whyyyy?
Without any proof, these two have been calling me out to tarnish my image. First it was TKC making a false publication and now Shino Blarke.
Also, on the comment under the post, GTHREE MAYAMI also bare a witness that he once said it too that I’m behind the account.
I hope they’ll be able to explain in court with proofs that I’m the one handling the account.
Good luck guys!
This has sparked reactions from fans who came heavy on Gthree Mayami for accusing SoulAim without proof. Read their replies.
Amaka Ogbonna wrote:
“Gthree Mayami remember when they accused you of abortion that went wrong in rsust. Remember that year it went viral
U cried and explained it never happened and all the bla bla u said. Now u are accusing someone else wrongly
U see this life eeeh. Just remember how u felt that time when it happened to u. Even you Shino Blarke
The only truth is to back up ur claims with proof else the accusations are baseless. Make una try rest with ur prides
Get ur pvc and vote and leave unnecessary uncalled dramas”.
Ejekwu Philip wrote
“Gthree na human being?? Person wey him work na sc*am ,If him no s*cam him no go chop..Dey sing nonsense say na song. Na so him give my cousin sister Infection for Rsust.”
Mimi Natasha Francis wrote;
How would one even jump into a deep conclusion as this?”
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