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Audiomack: How to Start Making Money From Your Streams

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Audiomack: How to Start Making Money From Your Streams

In this “Do It Yourself” tutorial, I’m going to show you how to start making money from your Audiomack streams in a few steps.


Before we continue, if you don’t know what an Audiomack is, Audiomack is a fast-growing audio streaming website that was launched in 2012. The streaming website became famous when Eminem released his diss track on the platform. Since then, Audiomack has become one of the best sites for music lovers and audio content creators.

However, the question a lot of artists have been asking me is how to make money from their streams as others make from the heavyweight Apple Music and Spotify; so I decided to work you through the simple steps.

According to Audiomack, monetization is in its advanced beta state and would be fully rolled out next year but what if you can get it before 2021. Continue reading……………………

To start making money from Audiomack, you need an AMP (Audiomack Pro). Before the streaming network would start paying for your streams, you need to get an audiomack pro account. Now, in my experience as a developer and a music marketer, though not stated by Audiomack; you will need to pay for some sort of Artist subscription fee before you will be given a pro account but this is just a guess so you should not be bothered.

Now to get an Audiomack pro account, you will have to submit a request to audiomack by contacting them via the form provided on their website. But before you do that, make sure you already have a good number of streams and logged into your official Audiomack account. When that is done, head over to audiomack.com/contact-us

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Make money from audiomack simple steps

In the first field, change it to “AMP Application.”

  1. Enter a valid email address
  2. In the message box, write why you should be granted a pro account. Make sure this field is convincing enough.
  3. Finally, click on the “Submit” button and an Audiomack staff will get in touch with you in less than seven business days.

It is as simple as that. Please if you love my tutorials. Subscribe to my blog and if you have any issues following the steps, Watch the video tutorial below and please don’t forget to subscribe to my Youtube Channel.


Click Here to Watch The Video Tutorial on Youtube

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